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Ask Catherine Morland

Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Catherine Morland Tilney, recently married to my dear husband, Henrry Tilney. I still cannot believe that God has blessed me with such a life, and every day I wake up thankful!
Please ask me any questions, or send me a message and make my acquaintance, as I would love to make yours.
Nov 3 '11

November Second

Today has been such a wonder filled day. Mrs. Allen and myself went to the stores in Bath to find pre-made dresses for us both! I have never owned a pre-made dress before, usually I just sew my own dresses. It seems an awful lot to pay for a dress, but Mrs. Allen assures me it is a necessary purchase. I just feel badly for Mr. Allen… he seemed a little forlorn when told about our excursion…

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